With compressed margins, companies are seeking industry research that will help them reshape their workforce and provide valuable intelligence on how they compare in staffing, leveling and compensation.

Aon’s U.S. Industrial Products and Manufacturing (IPM) Talent and Rewards Research is a cutting edge survey focusing on Petrochemical, Agricultural Chemicals, Downstream Refining and Marketing and Liquefied Natural Gas. With more than 700 benchmark positions spanning ten career levels, 18 functional areas and 94 sub-family specific areas, this research will surely offer the most robust industry research for your organization.

700+ Available Jobs

Corporate Center
– Administration
– Corporate Affairs
– Finance
– Human Resources
– Legal
– Information Technology

– Engineering
– Environment
– Health & Safety
– Ops & Maintenance
– Project Management
– Skilled Trades
– Supply Chain
– Technology
– Licensing
– Research & Development
– Account Management
– Strategic Planning
– Product Management
– Trading

Key Features

  • Full complement of executive, senior management, and broad-based positions
  • Ability to map all U.S. incumbents using proprietary functional-level mapping, even when a benchmark does not exist for a role
  • All elements of compensation covered (base pay, target and annual bonus, total cash compensation, long-term incentives, total direct compensation)
  • Special scope cuts and reports available by revenue, organizational unit, geographic location, industry, plant type and size, annual and long-term incentive eligibility, prevalence and level by salary band
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