Compensation and Governance Professional 

Taking Charge of Compensation and Governance
With a heightened focus on disclosure, many public companies recognize the importance of strengthening their Compensation and Governance capabilities. This is especially important at the senior leadership and board levels where compensation issues are being scrutinized like never before by investors, regulators and the legal profession.
Empowering Compensation and Governance Professionals
To empower our clients to more effectively manage the activities necessary to remain competitive, compliant and within budget, Aon Hewitt has developed CG Pro. CG Pro is Aon Hewitt’s new proprietary suite of U.S. Named Executive Officer and Board Compensation and Governance benchmarking and planning tools. CG Pro is the most feature-rich, comprehensive and cost effective tool available on the market.
In creating this product, we had five key goals to deliver a complete and actionable solution for U.S. corporate compensation and governance teams:
  • Acknowledge our client’s expertise and enhance their capabilities
  • Provide access to accurate and actionable data
  • Design flexible and robust tools that drive answers - not questions
  • Generate these answers in superior, customizable and understandable reports
  • Price the tools as the most cost effective solution on the market
Key Differentiator, Our Unified Methodologies Go a Step Beyond
Understanding that any tool is only as good as the utility of its output, CG Pro developers went one step further to meeting the needs of its users. Unlike tools where online benchmarking results and output reports are effectively static leaving no room for change, CG Pro is designed with a consistent unified active reporting methodology. We recognize that the world is not static, so we enable our clients to take control of their analysis, create and view what-if scenarios online in real-time, and provide all output results as pre-formatted Microsoft Excel® report files that with access to the entire dataset. We put the control back in the hands of our client partners.

CG Pro Toolkit
Compensation and governance professionals need tools that are both precise in their focus, while providing the broader context to benchmark against the entire market. CG Pro’s suite of nine compensation and governance tools does just that.CG Pro has been designed by Aon Hewitt experts to address the full range of tasks required by compensation and governance professionals. The tools can be used individually to create stand-alone assessments or in combination to create an aligned overall compensation and governance solution or strategy.
The CG Pro Suite consists of the following nine component tools:
  1. PeerBuilder: Providing access to all relevant information necessary to build peer groups that make sense for your organization.
  2. ProxyBase: Delivering tailored proxy peer group benchmarks with easy to use tools and the most applicable and accurate data.
  3. ProxySearcher: Saving countless hours of searching and evaluation to provide highly searchable, keystroke access to current CD&A information to support effective evaluation and planning.
  4. Pay & Performance Modeler: Expanding the scope of data to enable access and integrate a broad range of compensation and performance metrics to produce strategies and plans.
  5. Equity: Supplying a powerful resource to actively manage equity profiles using all of the latest external standards in the marketplace.
  6. BoardPay: Providing an unrivaled tool for determining and benchmarking Outside Director compensation.
  7. Plan Design: Bringing together incentives metrics, CD&A information, and peer characteristics to effectively compare and evaluate compensation plans.
  8. Realizable Pay: Delivering reliable data to compare leading governance organization's calculations of realizable pay versus actual pay for top executives.
  9. Total Shareholder Return: Allows for calculating cumulative and annualized returns for you, your peers, an index, as well as custom time periods.

Download our 2017 CG Pro At-a-Glance brochure.

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