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This survey combines the best of both worlds: a skill and leveling approach for IT skills moving quickly in the marketplace and a positional approach for key enterprise system roles that have been in demand for more than a decade.
Participation for 2017 is now open. Contact Us to request more information.
Results from 2016
  • One hundred and forty-two(142) organizations participated
  • Salary increase budgets in 2016 are consistent to 2015 (3.2%)
  • 82% of the reported incumbents were eligible for a bonus and 72% of those eligible actually received a bonus
Key Features
  • A focus on general industry brings the skills of Silicon Valley to the rest of the nation
  • More than eighty high-demand IT skills, up to four skill levels
  • Eighteen dedicated roles specific to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (e.g., Project Manager)
Compensation Data Elements and Practices
  • Base salary and incentives (actual and target)
  • Comprehensive pay practices section, including high potential practices