U.S. Retail Industry

Retail has long been one of our core offerings within the Total Compensation Measurement™ (TCM) and this year, we’ve made it even better. You’ll be able to match to even more jobs and get data that helps you make better decisions about your investments in human capital.  Some of the key improvements you’ll find are:

  • Enhanced job descriptions in merchandising, store operations and supply chain, plus completely new jobs focused on Omnichannel
  • A new supplemental survey for fashion apparel design
  • Addition of the Nonexempt (NEX) survey to the Retail Suite, gives you access to data from the CEO to the Cashier
  • A two-tiered pricing model that provides a lower cost when you only want retail industry participants
Global TCM
  • Addition of more than 100 retail specific jobs
  • Streamlined job codes that will intuitively show you the scope of the jobs
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Other Products to Consider
Salary Increase Survey

  • Provides salary increase data for executive, salaried exempt, salaried nonexempt, nonunion hourly, and union employees
  • Results provide budget reported by industry and region for all-employee groups; prevalence of variable pay, pay-for-performance, attraction, and retention
  • In 2014 we collected data from more than 1,000 U.S. companies; 69 companies from the Retail industry

Variable Compensation Measurement™ (VCM™)

  • Design information for cash variable pay and special recognition plans
  • Budget, spend, eligibility, targets, and actual payouts for all-employee groups
  • Multiyear trending of the shift in practices regarding the design of plans