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U.S. Downstream and Petrochemical (ADP) Compensation Survey

This survey covers compensation and pay practices for downstream refiners and petrochemical organizations with a focus on the Gulf Coast and other U.S. operations. It focuses on obtaining an in-depth understanding of how organizations are attracting, retaining, and compensating industry professionals and plant staff to execute successfully on their current operations, expansions and new builds. The most comprehensive compensation and pay practice data for downstream refiners and petrochemical manufacturers along the Gulf Coast.
Results Will Cover
  • 128 Surveyed Positions
  • Compensation Strategy and Pay Philosophy
  • Base Salary Programs and Salary Increase Budget Information
  • Attraction, Retention, and Relocation Programs
  • Performance Pay Practices
  • Benefits and Perquisites Prevalence
  • Competitive Base Pay and Variable Pay for all Surveyed Positions
  • Long-Term Incentives Eligibility

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