Executive and Senior Management 

The most comprehensive executive compensation data coverage in the market for understanding U.S. executive pay practices, with more than 30 years of compensation data experience. Our executive reports offer you the opportunity to access the high-quality information you need to make critical reward decisions in an increasingly regulated compensation landscape. 
Data collection for 2017 begins February 7th!
What is new for 2017?
  • A single workbook
  • New names for different versions of the survey
  • Changes to job codes for better alignment
  • Collecting gender, performance rating and date of hire
  • Click here to learn more about the changes
Size and Scope
  • Our 2016 database reflects more than 650 companies, 4,800 business units and more than 97,000 incumbents
  • More than 500 executive positions to benchmark against
  • Participants represent more than 50% of the S&P 500 and nearly one-half of the Fortune 1000
  • Benchmark all elements of pay including executive benefits and perquisites
  • Participation from all industries
  • Special reports for the following industries: Oil & Gas, Financial Services/Insurance, Retail, and Utility
  • New roles focused on the Hospitality industry
  • A completely revamped set of utility industry-specific positions
  • Special pricing if you participate in all three levels of TCM: Executive and Senior Management, Broad-Based Management, and Nonexempt
Custom Reporting
  • Select peer companies by company name or search by specific criteria (location, industry, financial measures, etc.)
  • Define an unlimited number of comparator groups, such as industry, name, location or financial measure
  • Age data, convert currency, produce printer-friendly reports, and download to Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel
  • Choose positions, percentiles, and pay components (including long-term incentives)
  • Blend multiple jobs with advanced view and age functionality
Report Options
  • Online (this includes all the reports listed below)
  • Regression Analysis
  • Cash and Prevalence Top 25
  • Compensation Policies and Programs

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