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U.S. Independent Energy Human Resources Association Compensation

Sponsored by the Independent Energy Human Resources Association (IEHRA). The most comprehensive compensation and pay practice data for the energy services/utility sector.
The results cover the following:
  • Executive, staff, generation, retail, and wholesale jobs
  • Multiple scope cuts of pay data available: revenue, employees, megawatt capacity, megawatts generated, and geographic region
  • Detailed section covering pay practices
  • Year-over-year trending of results
2015 Key Findings:
  • Salary increase budgets are very aligned with the energy (power/gas) sector and also with general industry practices for al groups of employees.
  • Salary structure movement was around 2.4% for all employee groups in 2015 and the projection for 2016 is 2.3%.
  • Seventy-four percent (74%) of participating organizations reported the use of variable pay plans, and 50% only offer one plan to eligible employees.
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Type of Data Collected
  • 250 unique jobs at different organization levels
  • Pay practices covering salary increases and variable pay
Key Features
  • Consolidated source of information for all roles
  • Separate analysis available for regulated and nonregulated companies
  • Competitive pay and detailed practices information in a single report
Unified Reporting and Methodology
  • Data is reported for all jobs at relevant organization levels
  • Detailed information on pay practices
How Collected Data is Reported
  • Downloadable in Excel/PDF formats
  • Online view and age capability