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U.S. Master Limited Partnership Compensation

The Master Limited Partnership Association (MLPA), in partnership with Aon Hewitt, is pleased to invite you to participate in the second edition of the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Compensation Survey.
The survey is designed to provide insight into how organizations that qualify to operate as an MLP are making compensation decisions.
In addition to reporting total compensation by pay component (base salary, annual incentives and long-term incentives) for more than 125 benchmark positions across eight employee groups, ranging from field hourly entry to executive jobs, the survey also captures the most comprehensive compensation strategy and pay practices for MLPs, including:
  • Policies and practices    
  • Pay philosophy for all employees by level
  • Base salary programs and salary increase budget information
  • Performance pay practices
  • Measures and provisions for annual and long-term incentive (LTI) programs
  • LTI vehicles (including awards granted by the general partner)
  • Attraction, retention, and relocation programs
  • Severance programs for all employees by level
  • Source and funding of compensation components
  • Incumbent time allocated to MLP activities
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