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Salary Increase Planning and Budgeting

Build Your 2018 Budget with Confidence
This leading survey provides information on how organizations are managing fixed compensation costs. Results provide salary increase information for executive, salaried exempt, salaried nonexempt, nonunion hourly and union U.S. employees. This survey also covers actual increases for the current year and projections for the upcoming year.
Results provide information on U.S. pay and other related trends and practices which you can use with your overall salary planning. Our survey can also position you ahead of your competition by providing current actual 2017 and projected salary increases for 2018.
Answers to the following questions, and many more, will be found in the U.S. results:
• What are organizations projecting for 2018 salary budgets?
• How much are companies planning to budget for variable pay in 2018?
• What compensation cost-saving measures are being used?
You can use this information to help your organization make informed decisions on salary increases and variable pay awards. The survey also includes a special section with insights on broadbanding, pay delivery and cost-reduction approaches.
Type of Data Collected
  • Overall salary increase budget
  • Merit increase budget
  • General salary increase budget
  • Actual merit increases granted
  • Salary structure increase
  • Turnover
  • Types of variable pay and variable pay spend
  • Pay for performance
  • Budget reported by industry and region for all-employee groups
  • Turnover results by industry
  • Prevalence of pay-for-performance, attraction, and retention tools
  • Prevalence of variable pay plans and variable pay spend
How Collected Data is Reported
  • Downloadable in PDF formats
  • Special cuts and analysis available upon request

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