Sales Compensation and Practices Survey

As the U.S. economy gains momentum, companies selling a wide variety of products and services to corporate customers are struggling to fill potentially lucrative sales roles and customer service sales roles.
Why participate in the Sales Survey?
The right participants
Your participation will provide you the best cross-industry insight into sales compensation levels, practices and trends of any product in the market.
The right jobs
Don’t see a job that is crucial to your organization? Share with us and we will work to have it included in the future.
Click here to review the more than 80 unique sales roles (e.g. sales reps, inside sales, support and management roles).
Survey Features
  • Robust plan practice section (e.g. plan metrics, auto policy, turnover ratios etc.)
  • Custom reports: clients can create their own comparator groups online (versus a static file)
  • Industry cuts
Survey Facts
Type of Data Collected
  • Base salary
  • Sales incentives (actual and target)
  • Company-wide incentive (actual and target)
  • Long-term incentive (LTI) eligibility
  • Analysis of incentive eligibility percentage versus actually receiving percentage
  • Measurement of sales force effectiveness
  • Sales force turnover including within 12 months of hire
  • Sales incentive design including performance factors, caps, and thresholds
  • Expected performance and new hire considerations
  • Sales administration including compensation governance
  • Sales recognition practices including type, funding, and criteria for awards
  • Auto policy including type of vehicle and eligibility
  • LTI plan design including allocation of LTI
Report Segmentation
  • Industry cuts
  • Geographic region cuts (NE, SE, MW, SW, West)
How Data is Reported
  • Downloadable in Excel/PDF formats
  • Custom reporting with user created comparator groups