Sales Compensation and Practices Survey

Gain a thorough understanding of how leading sales organizations build their sales incentive plans. With decades of experience across many industries, Aon can help your organization assess your sales compensation plan for strategic alignment, motivational value, cost of sales, and any gaps with best practices.
Find answers to common Sales Compensation Plan questions:
  • Will our sales compensation plan help us achieve our organic sales growth goals?
  • Does our pay mix incentivize the right behavior?
  • Do our sales compensation plans align with the actual day-to-day job role of our sales team?
  • Is our current sales compensation plan competitive?
  • Are our thresholds, caps, and upsides appropriate?
  • Is our compensation cost of sales too high or too low?
  • Are we measuring our sales team on the right metrics?

Survey Facts
Sales Roles in Business Services, Distribution, and Manufacturing 
  • Sales roles include multiple levels for individual contributors, sales management, channel sales, inside sales, outside sales, and sales support
  • Example industries: electrical & plumbing, industrial equipment, chemicals & energy, publishing & media, automotive, insurance, healthcare & medical, janitorial & sanitation, hospitality, CPG, office & packaging, technology, communications, building materials, logistics & transportation, and aerospace & defense
Sales Compensation Plan Design Components Pay Mix, Thresholds, Caps, Upsides, Mechanics (Commission, MBO, Quota/Bonus, etc.), Measures (Revenue, Margins, Volume, etc.), Sales Compensation Cost of Sales, Quota, Recognition, Auto Policy, Sales Force Turnover, Crediting, LTI
Incumbent Level Benchmarking Data
  • 80+ Sales Roles for Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Sales Support, and Sales Leadership
  • Base Pay / Target Incentive / Actual Incentive / Target Total Cash / Actual Total Cash
  • Average, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles
Complimentary Readout Session

Sales compensation is complex. All clients of the Sales Compensation & Plan Practices U.S. survey have access to a complimentary session with a Sales Force Effectiveness Consultant to help interpret the data in the survey so they can readily apply the insights to their own sales compensation initiatives. This insightful session will help clarify the components of sales compensation. You will have a dedicated Sales Compensation expert as your account manager to assist you with further inquiries. 

Timing and Price
  • The survey opens in February, submissions are due in April, and the report is available in August
  • The cost is $2,000
  • Peer Group Cuts (5+ companies) & Geographic Cuts for custom reports that can be exported to Excel
  • Options are available to purchase the most recent report and receive the complimentary readout session immediately with a commitment to submit data for the upcoming survey
Reporting Options
  • Simple-to-use self-service dashboard to create custom peer group cuts with 5+ comparator companies
  • Industry Cuts
  • Downloadable in Excel/PDF
  • Geographic region cuts