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This survey gives you access to all the right benchmarking data you need for a more efficient compensation program.
There is a reason why most businesses today use variable pay as the main tool to pay for performance. In addition to its effectiveness in rewarding and retaining top talent, variable pay:
  • Better aligns your business strategy with actual revenue goals
  • Serves as a value-add for shareholders
  • Drives top performance behavior for optimal results
Type of Data Collected
  • Cash variable pay plans and special recognition plans
  • Information regarding budgets, eligibility, effectiveness, and plan design
  • National incentive plan design information
  • Year-over-year trending of results
Key Features
  • Consolidated source of information for all broad-based variable pay plans
  • Multiyear trending of the shift in practices regarding the design of plans
  • Competitive pay and detailed design information in a single report
Unified Reporting and Methodology
  • Data is reported for all broad based variable pay plans
  • Detailed information on effectiveness of plans
How Collected Data is Reported
  • Downloadable in PDF formats
  • Special cuts and analysis available upon request

Sample reports:

  • View a sample of the U.S. Report

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